Architectural Shapes Ready to install exterior enhancements
Blue Mastic #11 Adhesive for all rigid/semi-rigid insulation
Clear Mastic #11 Adhesive for all rigid/semi-rigid insulation
EZ Base NCB Non-cementitious premixed acrylic base coat
Foam N' Base Coat Journeyman 100% acrylic emulsion blend base coat/Adhesive
Foam N/ Base Coat Premium Enhanced 100% emulsion blend base coat/Adhesive
Gemstone Synthetic Finish High quality trowel grade textured coating
Journeyman Finish High quality trowel grade textured coating
Mesh Reinforcing fiberglass meshes
Plastain Acrylic faux stain for a variety of surfaces
Plastone Synthetic interior/exterior veneer plaster
Premium Fibered Stucco Pre-Sanded Premium grade stucco coating- just add water
Premium Fibered Stucco Concentrate Premium grade stucco coating- add sand and water
Premium Fibered Stucco Finish White stucco finish- add water (tintable)
Premium Finish Premium elastomeric grade textured coating
Premium S Finish Premium Siliconized elastomeric grade textured coating
SL Base Coat High polymer base coat, functions as a seamless base coat
Stucco Bond User friendly, versatile bonding agent
T-2000 Base Coat Dry powder base coat and adhesive
T-2000 Plus Base Coat/td> Enhanced dry powder base coat and adhesive
T-2000 EIFS Panel Ready to install custom Panels
Total Bond Surface Bonding Cement Plaster for dry stack CMU construction
Total Flash Flexible, rubberized, weather resistant material
Total Glaze 100% Acrylic protective clear coat
Total Guard BWB Cementitious moisture and vapor barrier
Total Lastic Knife Grade Heavey bodied elastomeric coating for filling cracks
Total Liquid Acrylic Additive Acrylic admix and bonding agent
Total Prime Primer used to seal and condition prior to finishing
Total One Coat Concentrate One coat stucco- add sand and water
Total One Coat PreSanded One coat stucco- just add water
Total Stop RA Roller or trowel applied moisture barrier
Total Tex Premium smooth or textured interior coating
Tuff II Versatile synthetic base and finish coat all in one