We at Total Wall provide a valuable service to homeowners, builders, and architects. That service is to safely and economically beautify and insulate a home or building. Our philosophy requires that we provide this service without harm to the environment while using the best available technology. A partial listing of our environmental policy with regard to product manufacture and product offering follows:

  • We do not manufacture or sell solvent-based materials.  This is because of the hazards in handling solvents and the damage to the environment caused by solvents.
  • We do not use heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, or zinc for any process or purpose.
  • We use the safest raw materials available, even when these materials are priced at a premium over other materials. One example of this is our use of non-toxic propylene glycol vs. ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is much cheaper than propylene glycol but it is also toxic. Most raw material groups have a low toxicity option. In every case, Total Wall will choose that option, regardless of price.
  • We use the lowest toxicity preservatives available on the market, even when alternative materials are much cheaper.
  • Use of biodegradable packaging is now emphasized in our marketing and product development programs.
  • We minimize waste water in production by using rinse water as start-up water for the next batch of product.

We will continue to employ these other proactive policies to safeguard our fragile environment.

We believe in making products that are safe for our workers, safe for our homes and businesses and safe for our planet.  That is simply the way we do business.