Total Lastic is a premium acrylic elastomeric coating that can be applied to an exterior or interior wall surface by brush, roller or sprayer. Total Lastic is available in two grades called Standard and Premier. The basic difference in the two grades is the Premier grade has more elongation (more stretchable) and can bridge slightly larger cracks. Both grades are excellent coatings, but consider the Premier grade if the substrate has significant cracking.

Total Lastic is also available in three textures:

  • Smooth (non-textured)
  • Sand Texture
  • Repair Texture

How do I know what texture to use?

Use Total Lastic Smooth when you are interested in re-coating or recoloring without altering the existing texture to any large degree. The Total Lastic Smooth will provide excellent coverage (average 600 Sq. Ft. per 5 gallon pail) and excellent crack bridging protection. The Total Lastic Smooth may increase the sheen to an eggshell luster.

Use Total Lastic Sand Texture when you are interested in re-coating and wish to maintain a flat and very slightly textured surface appearance. The Total Lastic Sand Texture can be used to even out slight variations and restore an even flat reflectance to the surface. (Average coverage 500 Sq. Ft. per 5-gallon pail).

Use the Total Lastic Repair texture in all instances where you wish to generate or preserve an even sand-like finish with a natural masonry "floated" look. The Total Lastic Repair texture can eliminate existing imperfections in the texture, and correct color or sheen variations of the wall surface. The result will be even texture, color and flat light reflectance similar to natural masonry or EIFS Finish in appearance. (Average coverage 450 Sq. Ft. per 5-gallon pail).

Roller, spray, or brush can apply any of the three textures. Contact us at our Technical Department if you have any questions or if you would like more information.