Total Wall has several exterior coating systems that can be used directly over Foam Block construction. One example is the Total Barrier PB Class lamina, which incorporates T2000 base coat and fiberglass mesh. Another popular approach uses Total Wall Tuff II trowel on coating and Total Wall Fiberglass mesh. These coating systems, along with a few others from Total Wall, perform very well as a protective and attractive exterior layer when applied directly over Foam Block.  Typically, the Total Wall Coating Systems are used above grade and a waterproofing membrane or damp proofing coating is used below grade. A question has been raised about how to terminate the Total Wall Coating system near the grade line when a damp proofing coating or waterproofing membrane is present at the grade line.

Frequently, the below grade treatment of Foam Block construction is either a self sticking membrane such as Carlisle 701 for waterproofing or a fibrated emulsion such as Karnak 220 AF for damp-proofing purposes. In either case, the Total Wall Coating System can be carried several inches over the top of the treatment to allow for a proper termination of the Total Wall Coating System. If a fibrated emulsion coating is used, it should be allowed to dry at least 24 hours before receiving any Total Wall coating. The polymer-modified nature of the Total Wall Coatings along with the fiberglass reinforcing mesh will provide good bond and performance over the several inches of membrane sheeting or damp-proofing coating.