Woodpeckers will sometimes choose to make EIFS a home. Woodpeckers will try to keep their home in a specific location. If a tree is cut down where a woodpecker had its home and a house is built where the tree was, the woodpecker will usually try to rebuild its home in the same spot. In this case, it will try to build its home in the exterior wall or trim of a new house. Obviously, the woodpeckers are not trying to damage property, they are merely following their natural instincts. Once the woodpecker penetrates the EIFS Lamina, it can easily carve out a small area of the EPS foam and make a nesting area for itself.

Woodpeckers can be discouraged from nesting in a house or other structure by two environmentally friendly means:

  • Use of a chemical treatment called Ropel. Ropel can be purchased from farm supply houses. It contains Thymol and Benzyldiethyl ammonium saccharide as active ingredients. It is sprayed on full strength in two light applications. Coverage rate is about 2000 square feet per gallon per application. The treatment works by using odor as the repellent mechanism.
  • Use of stuffed or inflatable predators. Owls and snakes and birds of prey placed on the upper elevations on every wall are an effective deterrent to woodpeckers. These artificial predators are also available at farm supply outlets.

Experience has shown that a combination of the spray and stuffed predators work best.

Total Wall does not support shooting or use of poisons or other deadly control means. These deadly control methods are potentially harmful to humans and other creatures and will invariably cause more problems than they solve.