Can Total Wall Finish be used over Hard Coat Stucco?

Yes. Finishes are designed to coat Portland cement based surfaces. The Finishes are engineered to handle the high alkalinity, the vapor permeability, the thermal movement and bond characteristics of a wide variety of Portland cement mix designs. The Finishes offer excellent texture, color and weatherproofing properties. In addition, the extra flexibility of the Finish layer can serve to bridge hairline cracks that usually occur in hard coat stucco. Finally, the Finishes are designed to resist dirt pickup and resist microbiological growth.

What special considerations should I be aware of?

  • Fresh stucco should be dry and at least have taken an initial cure. If the Finish is applied too soon, excessive moisture vapor combined with the very high alkalinity can weaken the bond.
  • A flat and smooth stucco surface will require less Finish and produce a more consistent texture.
  • If the stucco has been previously painted or sealed with a water repellent, a 4' x 4' test area is recommended to test for bond.
  • Any large cracks or spalled areas should be repaired prior to application of Total Wall Finish.
  • All Total Wall Finishes have some Elastomeric properties, which will help to bridge hairline cracks. The Total Wall Premium Finishes have the highest ability to bridge cracks.  This ability comes from the acrylic polymer backbone and not from artificial plasticizers or additives whose plasticizing effect will be lost over time.
  • The wall system should be properly sealed and flashed to prevent water intrusion.

What length of Warranty is available?

The Total Wall Finish is warranted to perform for a period of 5 years. The Warranty covers fading, delamination and blistering of the finish. The Warranty requires proper installation procedures as outlined in the above section and in the product literature. In addition, a Warranty Application must be filled out for each job requesting a Warranty.