What can we do when the synthetic finish surface is stained, blemished, or simply the wrong color? Of course, we can apply new layers of Base Coat and Finish texture coat. This would provide a good result, but it is costly in time, labor and materials. An alternative approach is to put on a single, roller-applied coat of Total Lastic.

Total Lastic can be adjusted to preserve an existing texture or, if desired, it can be made to modify an existing texture. In addition, the Total Lastic can be color matched and flattened so that color and sheen are duplicated to job requirements. How is this done? Total Lastic texturing agents, colorants and flattening agents are proportioned to match the field needs for a particular situation. A test panel is always done to insure that the desired result is achieved. All formulation adjustments must be made before application begins.

Total Lastic is a 100% acrylic high quality elastomeric coating specifically designed for EIFS and masonry surfaces. Here are the benefits of coating EIFS with Total Lastic:

  • Improved water resistance
  • Improved mildew resistance
  • Improved crack resistance
  • Improved fade resistance

An EIFS coated with even one application of Total Lastic will produce a better system. A Total Wall Warranty on EIFS will remain in force if the Total Wall EIFS is coated with Total Lastic.

An additional use of Total Lastic relates to caulk joints. If a paintable caulk joint needs to be coated and colored for job aesthetics, it is advisable to do this with tinted Total Lastic rather than the finish used on the job. The Total Lastic has many times more elongation than any finish material and will more readily expand and contract with the caulk material.  This will help to prevent coating cracks over the caulk joint.

Finally, Total Lastic can be an alternative way to make an EIFS color accent band on a building.  Here's how it works.  Rather than do an accent band in the different color finish material, do the entire job using the one base finish color. After the finish has cured, tape off the accent band area and roller apply tinted Total Lastic.